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Originally Posted by michael drums View Post
Excellent articles, paradiddler! Great reads.

These really sum-up what it's all about. Inspiration and admiration. The last time I checked, these were OK to have toward someone else.

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the feedback! Inspiration and admiration are what makes us want to try things we might not try otherwise. Neil Peart fits the bill!

Steve Smith is my second-favorite drummer. I'll admit there are things he can do that Neil most certainly cannot, but Neil inspires me more. If you love technicality, Steve Smith fits the bill. But if you love someone who's drumming always serves the song, I think Neil is unequalled. Another thing I most admire about Neil is that, even though he can do all these crazy things on the drums (with a huge kit that allows him to do anything), he just doesn't. His restraint is as pronounced as when he actually hits the drums.

That's my take!
Omar Alvarado, The Paradiddler
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