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Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
It is funny that those who have ‘questioned’ the ‘rated-ness’ of Neil Peart found a way into this thread.

These people come in, drop a few barbs, then matter-of-factly state, “IT’S YOUR OPINION” that Neil Peart is a great drummer without qualifying their OWN opinion that he isn’t great, as well…OPINION.

Neil Peart has earned every single accolade he has received. He is a student of the instrument and a legend. Considering he and his band have yet to be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame suggests also that he is far from being ‘over hyped’.

I can tell you when I watch him play it’s great. Even the songs by Rush I don’t like are still interesting to me, because of his awesome playing. I can't say that for anyone else. If a song by a band I like isn't good, I skip it, but with Rush I let it play so I don't miss what Neil does.

I also flatly disagree with the nebulous crap I've read on this thread, such as Neil doesn't have a good groove, doesn't interpret music well. That is just balderdash.
Balderdash, is certainly an appropriate adjective to describe what I see in certain posts that just seem to want to knock down the guys that are near the top of their craft. And NP is, without question, at that point.

Excellent statement there about the HOF. Absolutely! That's so true about that fact. It's a head-shaker that some think he's over-hyped. He's won many awards for his drumming/recording for what he's accomplished in his stellar career, by legitimate sources in the industry AND his peers. Which makes the fact that Rush has been dissed by the HOF even more ridiculous.

Nice post, kwolf. ;-)
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