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Hi michael drums,
I have heard this quote before and believe it was from one of the early famous aviators. I think it was Charles Kingsford Smith who may have said it?

And being a Neil Peart thread I'd just like to say that I love Neil's work and have done for years now! I have just recently gotten the Snakes and Arrows CD and am blown away by it (no wonder it won MD best recorded album of 2008!)

I haven't yet been back through this thread but will do now.
Take it easy,

There's some refreshing news! Yea, I was pretty sure I had heard the quote before and thought it was funny, in a strange sort of way, that this quote would be on a bumper sticker with N. Peart on it. Though, I can definitely see NP using the quote during ANYTHING he shares about drums/drum technique.

Absolutely agree about S&A. The guy just has "it". And some people just don't get "it".

Thanks, Shauno! It's nice to hear a real positive take on Neil Peart. It seems to get lost in the nay-sayers and non-admires.

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