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Default Re: Neil Peart

It is funny that those who have ‘questioned’ the ‘rated-ness’ of Neil Peart found a way into this thread.

These people come in, drop a few barbs, then matter-of-factly state, “IT’S YOUR OPINION” that Neil Peart is a great drummer without qualifying their OWN opinion that he isn’t great, as well…OPINION.

Neil Peart has earned every single accolade he has received. He is a student of the instrument and a legend. Considering he and his band have yet to be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame suggests also that he is far from being ‘over hyped’.

I can tell you when I watch him play it’s great. Even the songs by Rush I don’t like are still interesting to me, because of his awesome playing. I can't say that for anyone else. If a song by a band I like isn't good, I skip it, but with Rush I let it play so I don't miss what Neil does.

I also flatly disagree with the nebulous crap I've read on this thread, such as Neil doesn't have a good groove, doesn't interpret music well. That is just balderdash.
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