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Default Re: Fighting in Hockey: In or Out

I don't hate Sidney Crosby, he's just really young and I think in trying to "find himself" in the NHL he has turned into a frustrated little kid, particularly this season. I think he has some growing up to do. He should look to some of the more experienced players to learn how to channel his frustration because he is not a fighter, he is a finesse guy. He's an awesome player, but he's not someone who should go around trying to defend himself against enforcers. I believe he's had a couple fights this year, and he's out of his element dropping gloves. He needs to grow up a little bit more before continuing to go around picking fights.

That said, I am a Red Wings fan. I just see the Penguins having trouble this season and feel bad for them. They have a bunch of great players, above average goaltending, but no on-ice leadership.
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