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Originally Posted by michael drums View Post
A friend of mine told me last night, he saw a bumper sticker on a tractor trailer as he was driving down the road, and it said "It's not the destination, it's the journey". and underneath that phrase it said, "N Peart"

Has anyone ever seen a bumper sticker like this? It's interesting because, I believe Neil used this phrase in his "Anatomy of a Drum Solo" DVD.

I don't think it was Neil Peart that was the first person to use this phrase however, so to hear that it's on a bumper sticker is quite strange.

Hi michael drums,
I have heard this quote before and believe it was from one of the early famous aviators. I think it was Charles Kingsford Smith who may have said it?

And being a Neil Peart thread I'd just like to say that I love Neil's work and have done for years now! I have just recently gotten the Snakes and Arrows CD and am blown away by it (no wonder it won MD best recorded album of 2008!)

I haven't yet been back through this thread but will do now.
Take it easy,
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