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Originally Posted by SickRick View Post
Dude, as I've said: I just wanted to point out that if you ask for respect, you also have to pay respect to others. If you actually read and understood my post, you would have seen that it wasn't even about NP but about Supermac being disrespectfull on the one hand while asking for more respect on the other. As I said: Could have done it via PM, but since this thread isn't on topic anyway (thanks to you), I decided to post it here.

I never bashed NP or any other drummer on this forum. I even started some threads in the Drummers section for drummers that I like. That much for your advise to go elsewhere.

Please: Before you bash me, read my posts. Thank you.

1.) In what part of my post did I "bash" you? :-|
2.) It wasn't me that got this thread off-topic, ie...bashers and nay-sayers of NP do that.
3.) I make sure I read the posts thoroughly before responding to them, so to even suggest that I don't, is laughable.
4.) Don't complain about this thread being "off-topic", if YOU continue to be off-topic.
5.) Is it possible we can get this back to a more positive, on-topic thread without the negatives, bashing, and personal attacks...PLEASE?

Apparently I wasn't clear enough when I said "no dis-respect intended" the first time

No dis-respect intended...
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