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Hmmm.... Not sure about that one. I just thought I'd point it out to the guy that if you start asking for respect for someone the first thing you should do is to be respectfull towards others.

I'm not a fan of NP and will never be one, but as I said it: Its subjective. I don't tell anyone that he's in idiot if he loves NP.... On the other hand I get called an idiot (or something similar) if I don't like him by some guys. I just don't think thats fair, especially if these persons are the same that are asking for respect for their opinions or their idols.

I could have done this via PM though. But then again: Look at this thread, its more off-topic than almost anything else around here.
Yep, exactly. The rhetoric needs to simmer way down. If NP doesn't appear on your radar, there is nothing wrong with that, and your taste/education/etc should not be called into suspicion. I ask that the NP fans respect the boundaries of the non fans, and not make this personal.
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