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Bitchin'...can't get any better than that. I have 3 Rush live CDs and I always keep coming back to Exit Stage Left. Don't know why...hmmmm. I thought the Distant Early Warning period was very under-rated and I enjoy that concert vid as well. Hell, it's Rush, they put on a brilliant show.

As far as the Who, my viewpoints on that band are pretty much set in stone: TGFRBE (T= The, E=Ever....ill let you figure out the rest)
Signals marked era #2 of Rush. The synthesizer driven era. I was lukewarm at first, but now I love it. As far as I am concerned, Neil did more than anyone to integrate e-kit and acoustics and make the concept popular. I know Simmons owes him a debt of gratitude for selling a lot of those red plastic hexagons and making them an 80's icon.

Mike Portnoy's "Amazing journey" has to be the best Who cover band I have on!
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