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Originally Posted by Baddstuff View Post
funny thing is I really wanted to like Alex but the more I saw and heard him I just got turned off by him. I wanted him to be the guy to be the all-time home run king, the clean home run king that is but now that's out the window. In my book Hank Aaron is the HR king and all these steroid fiends are simply making Aaron's accomplishments that much more exceptional. It's a shame what is happening to baseball.
hey Vipercussionist- imagine if Alex had ended up with Boston instead of New York!
OH!! That would have been horrible with this new information. I wonder how the Yankees will fair with all the money they've spent and now all of this added pressure to perform. They're gonna be under a MICROSCOPE for the entire season now, like it wasn't bad enough already. I feel bad for Girardi, the pressure will be ENORMOUS to bring home the title. He'll most likely take the fall if they don't.

I guess we'll see!! it's almost TIME!!
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