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Originally Posted by Baddstuff View Post
as a Yankees fan I was ecstatic when the Yankees got A-Rod. Boy, how that changed! Right after he opted out I would have been just as ecstatic if the Yankees had let him go. We lose with him and we can lose without him and have less headaches doing it. The guy is a total headcase. How can someone with all that money and talent be so damned insecure and so useless in the post season?

And if he left his wife for Madonna then he's a damn fool as well. Madonna? Please! And now this steroid thing. I wouldn't be surprised if deep down he is happy he got caught because now the pressure of being the clean savior of baseball is off his back. He handles pressure like I handle burning coals with my bare hands. Even when he's supposedly telling the 'truth' he's full of crap. I'm sick of this guy and have no problem having the Yankees dump him. What a phony!
As a Red Sox fan, I thank you for your honesty. I really was hoping he was the second coming of Arron. It would have been great for Baseball had he been clean and re-broke the record.

At least he didn't LIE about it like most of the others. Giambi just came clean and in no time his name was restored to normal.

The others like Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGuire and Palmeiro have sullied their names beyond repair, but their RECORDS still stand. And of course the effects of time will dull the urgency of the cheating they did to get there, almost making it legit. THAT'S what worries me!

In 20 years there will be no real way to TELL who was legit or not without research. And what 10 year old looking at the old stats will be researching that deeply, I'd say probably NONE!!

Sad as hell. I'll remember Hank, but the new generations will have to read deeply into things for the true story.
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