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Before you point your finger at others you should ask yourself how you conduct yourself towards others.

Funny Discussion here btw.
This thread has been used an an excuse to bash Peart. It's also been divisive, those that like/don't like Peart or Rush. It has become too much of a personal back-and-fourth disrespect fest.

Something you alluded to. Evereyone needs to get into the mind frame that no one drummer appeals to everyone. This thread is not called "Post here only if you love Neil Peart." It should be a discussion, and somehow put him into perspective from dielectic points of view.

Bashing Neil is not good, bashing each other worse. Arguments and points of view need not bash or get personal.

Like him or dislike him, Neil's playing and band can be an acquired taste. For everyone that deifies him as a drum god, there are others that find him cold and robotic. Both sides need to accept the others opinion, because it subjective.
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