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Default finding band members to create truly original music

so im going to be looking to form or join an existing band soon. some of my influences are zao, living sacrifice, extol, pantera, converge and deftones. i by no means want to copy these bands but i do want to take those influences and mix them with truly original ideas to create unique music that has something special about it. i imagine that finding members that want branch out from their comfort zone, which to me is just redoing what has been heard and done before, may be hard to find. i want to be able to find members that want to push themselves from song to song and from album to album like i feel that the bands that i listed as influences do.
then there is the issue of just finding members that really area serious about being in a band and making something out of it. as many of you know it can be hard to just find reliable band members much less truly gifted ones. this is an issue that im also considering.
the reasons why im posting this thread is to get all of your thoughts about finding band members that are truly great and innovative and who will want to write and play truly original music that takes into account our influences but goes much further then them. im also posting this thread in the hope that it will become a brainstorming type of thread that discusses the best types of people to form a band with and also discusses the best type of pre-existing band to join. so this thread is not just for me but for everyone who wants to tell of their experiences in how you have found these great people to play with and in how you are looking for these great people to play with if, like me, you have not found them yet.
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