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Originally Posted by oops View Post
I've not been affected.

My girlfriends parents evacuated over the weekend, and she was going to stay with them next week. We'll see what happens.

My brother has some mates who were on a church camp in Marysville (town that was completely decimated). They heard an announcement over the PA "the fire is 20 km away, we should be alright", just as that was ending another one came over "the fire is 6 km away, if it hits us we'll weather it out on the golf course", then a third: "Everyone evacuate in convoy".

The entire town disappeared. Completely. The camp they were at was razed to the ground. The golf course is black.

We're glad they made it, but the toll has been massive. It's been good to see Kevin Rudd (our PM) hugging people, and a massive response in aid from groups like the Red Cross and Salvation Army. We only hope the toll doesn't rise and the people who have lost everything find the strength to rebuild.
Im in Belgrave and amazingly the closest fire was Ferntree Gully, which is still close but we were expecting and prepared to fight. I've got friends over at Healsville, but I'm not quite sure how they are at the moment. Another friend at Yarra Glen managed to keep his house. The fire was literally one meter from his house. Grass 80cm away is black, then the wind changed.
It is very pleasing to see the way the disaster is being handeled though. State and federal government haven't mucked around with relief. Trucks from NSW where sent down very soon, and K Rudd has given the assistance of the defence force. And it is good to see Brumby and Rudd down on site talking, listening etc.
Just goes to show bushfires don't discriminate either. The parents of our State Premier where at risk, news presenters lost property and sadly another news presenter and wife lost their lives.
The front page of Sunday's paper had "14 dead". Monday said 93, currently the toll is 173 and over 750 homes.
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