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Originally Posted by gd_trecool1972
he's been drumming since he was 3 yrs.old! (but he started professional at 12)
no offense but don't you think if someone was drumming for so long that they would be able to play more diffuclt things?
Sure, you would think that, but have you ever heard him play anything difficult. I listen to Vinnie Colaiuta and Im like man that was awesome and hes doing polyrhythms and paradiddles over triplets and crazy stuff all over the place (on his side project stuff) but Ive never heard Tre Cool do anything like that. Sure his playing fits the music, but lets hear him do something else. I never have, but maybe I just havent heard him play on anything but Green Day. And lets be realistic, does anyone really think he deserved all those Drummies from DRUM!? I didnt.
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