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Default Re: Sweet quadruple bass pedaling

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It's not your calves, it's your shins, also triggers just relay your actual strikes to a module, they don't play those notes for you. I'd guess he's probably playing between 210 and 220 bpm sixteenth notes on the single so on the double it's equal to about 430 bpm sixteenths or more than 1700 strokes over a sustained minute. Sounds like a gatling gun, lol. I don't know why people would say that it's cheating, it's music, people, not sports. You don't cheat at music. I'd like to hear Tim Watterson play that rig, that would be awesome.
You make a good point dio, I am really sick and tired and tired and sick of people saying that people using triggers or e-kits are cheating. Music is about writing good material that sounds good not about how each individual player obtains the sound. The quad bass to some of you is like the double bass to some older players. They will say that double bass is cheating, but really all it's doing is opening up more opportunity just like the quad bass.
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