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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for your kind words and I hope you do pick up the dvd. The ride on the big kit was a "prototype" that I picked up at the Sabian office in LA a few years ago. It has a unique thing--crashability with a defined ping along with a killer bell. It's sort of an anomaly. I had Mark Love at Sabian copy it and make me 2 extra ones in case anything bad happens to the "master" one. Sorry I don't have any more info on it. Thanks for your note.


Those are DVD 9s which have a lot more information on the discs because of the length. I suppose some older players might have problems with them but haven't heard many complaints. Try your computer perhaps. I've actually been playing since the age of 2, to correct you!
OK. Thanks and I hope that you enjoy them, and appreciate the kind words.

Cheers from Tacoma-
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