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Default Re: Sweet quadruple bass pedaling

Originally Posted by Drum-Head View Post
You are missing the point if that's the only phrase you are picking out of what I wrote - that's taking it out of context. The way you put your words came off as minimalizing what that guy was doing in the video, or extreme drumming in general.

You initially wrote that setting a module to a linear dynamic mode allows one to play faster. This is not true. Also in the following:

I'm not saying the same thing - my point is that they do not have the choice if they want to be heard, since it's physically impossible to do otherwise. Read you post, then read my post again - I'm not saying the same thing.

Don't take this the wrong way though, I'm not trying to get into an argument nor saying this with any hard feelings whatsoever.
You mistook what I said. I didn't mean it allows you to become faster, just allows you to play at your faster rate without losing volume, because, as you said, "so that the strokes can be audible at those speeds."

Same meaning, different words, but I can see how I phrased it could be confusing.

No problem, we're just discussing drums. :-)
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