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Default Re: Sweet quadruple bass pedaling

Originally Posted by Drum-Head View Post
People need to think a little more about this. Triggers DO NOT play for you, they just pick up a signal - you still have to pull of the speed. Also, you are confusing dynamics and speed which are not the same thing, at all.

You can play blast beats with no problem on the e-kit? How tight can you do that? Playing the patterns in rhythm and in a precise manner also comes into consideration.

Finally, to clear things up a bit with in regards to extreme drumming - when you get to the 210-220 bpm range playings 16ths, it becomes physically impossible to play full strokes on the kicks. You just can't play strokes like you can at 120bpm. This is why they use Triggers so that the strokes can be audible at those speeds. Otherwise how do you want the kicks to cut through the soaring guitars? Not to mention, microphones can't even pick up a decent signal at those speeds because there is too much air moving inside the kick.
I like how you try to disagree with my point and then say exactly what I said.

Of course you still have to pull off the speed, but you can set the dynamic levels on a good electronic kit "so that the strokes can be audible at those speeds".
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