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Default Re: Sweet quadruple bass pedaling

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
They're for people who are too lazy to learn how to do PROPER doubles. The thing about that video is that yeah it sounds pretty good but you can just see that there is hardly any power in the 2nd stroke at all so if he played it on a proper drum kit it'd probably sound nothing near as good as that.

They're the Sonor Twin Effect pedals. They are NOT for people who are too lazy to learn proper doubles. They have nothing to do with double strokes. I have one and I use it to the left of my hi hat for achieving double bass effects with my left foot while playing the "real" kick with my right.

What that guy was doing in the video was really hard. If he has that kind of development in his lower leg (It's not just the shin BTW, the gastroc and the soleus muscles of the calf depress the pedals and the tibialis anterior of the shin raises the foot ) then he must be capable of some pretty mean "standard" double bass.

I think it's funny that when someone demonstrates something that nobody here can do, people look for ways to minimize it. Just admit that the guy is pretty bad-ass at something you can't do because we all know it's true anyway.
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