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You're right. I'm wrong. I was thinking of St. Augstine in Hell - which is the 4/4 over 7/4. I get looped when I see the word "seven" in the title. "Oh yea, play on words and the tune is in 7."

You're also right in his playing. It's so frickin' subtle yet so amazing. Would I have ever thought of playing a 4/4 pattern in my right hand and a 5/4 or 7/4 pattern in my right? It's so unnatural but when he plays it, it's SO natural that you don't even notice it until someone points it out. And the groove is just so solid. I remember when I first figured it out and went "Duh, that's too easy." Then I sat down and tried to do it. Good God.

Originally Posted by OceanDirt
hmm... i could have sworn that song was in 5/8?

but yes, his playing on that is monstrous. not only does he make it feel like a normal time signature, but he also is so comfortable in it that he can play it just like it was a normal time signature, with all his subtle (and not-so-subtle) vinnie tricks (modulation, displacement, hemiola accent patterns, etc.)

what a ridiculous monster he is.
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