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It's disappointing that Neil seems to attract a fair amount of critisicm.

I've seen posts saying he's no good because he doesn't do multi-pedal orchestration like Thomas Lang; or he doesn't groove like Dennis Chambers; or he doesn't have the technique of Dave Weckl.

If that is the case, it invalidates the work of nearly other drummer alive.

The fact is he's one of the greatest ever rock drummers, with a fantastic body of work that has been commerially and critically successful over three decades.

More importantly, he's influenced thousands of players.

He's the guy that encouraged me to play 7/8 for the first time and check out and learn other odd times.

He's the guy that taught me to break up a song and give it different textures and musical sections, rather that just chipping out one groove for 4 minutes.

He's the guy that really opened my eyes to the possibilities of drumming and made me check out all the other 'heavyweight' players.

I think more respect is due to Neil.

Still my number one...
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