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Originally Posted by Anduin View Post
Wow! Lots of vitriol in this thread for our poor Nathan Jordison.

I'd heard his name for years. Saw the full-page adverts in Modern Drummer etc. But never really heard him play, as that genre doesn't grab my ear normally. So I went out and bought the All Hope Is Gone album on a whim. I fully expected to listen maybe once or twice and then file it. But Holy Excrement! It totally grabbed me! And this coming from a guy who listens to pretty much every genre from jazz to world and grew up on Peart.

Sure, yeah, the Slipknot style of metal is fairly narrow, but Joey freaking nails it! And the songs are pretty good too. I gather that Joey is the prime (or one of the prime) writers, so more kudos to him for that. And how much fun would it be to play a balls-to-the-wall rock solo on a huge kit turning upside down?!

It's easy to criticize people who've made it, but I hope a lot of that negative energy is put to good use during hours of practice. And, yes, I can play all those licks too (er, maybe not the all-out blastbeats), but I sure don't have the stamina to do it all night, night after night.

Go Joey!

Thank you. That was me, I never really liked Slipknot either. But then I decided to listen to them because I here how awesome Joey is. And needless to say, I liked them both =D
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