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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

So...., the other night I was cleaning out the back seat of my SUV so that I could lower the back seats, making the cargo area bigger. I needed to move something and was in a hurry, as I placed Tods DVD on the hood of my car SO THAT I WOULD REMEMBER WHERE IT WAS!!!!!! and..... forgetting it was there, drove off on my mission. When I noticed this, THING, blow off after drving a little bit I instantly remembered what it was and started a diatribe of choice words and phrases, that only a fireman like myself could utter in one big sentence, turned around and knew that this was bad news. I stopped in the spot where Methods and Mechanics learned to fly and found the package!!! alas no DVD's. Now, a few cars had gone down the road ,since, and I just knew I would find pieces, but to my surprise....there, a few feet away, were the two discs, one was chipped on the edge and the other took a few scratches. Back at the O'L homestead I plugged the cd's in knowing that they had to be gonners ( and just couldn't afford to buy a new cd at this time) but to my amazment they both played flawlesly!!!! So....Tod, not only is this DVD set the best I ever watched they are bullet proof and obviously have 9 lives!!!! You just can't make this crap up.
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