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I was licensed in 1973, sold residential for 5 years,commercial since 1977-78. I have never seen it harder than it is currently,and I saw the 73 arab oil Embargo and the 80's FSLIC/FDIC meltdown. You should invest time in this only if you imagine we are going to have a recovery in the next two years.
I work for and have routine and daily conversation with a number of people whose net worth is not in 7 digits,but 8.The thinking ,from their perspective is often expressed" How far is this thing going to fall?" No one knows,but I believe it will not stop until it's run it's course,sort of like two tectonic plates pit against each other until they finally settle. That said,large and very large agricultural and rural properties have changed hands recently,and I expect more of that as the wealthy attempt to find a medium of security.
just my $.02
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