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Default Re: real estate

I love titles like these

"the weekend millionaire's secrets to investing in real estate"
"the automatic millionaire homeowner"
"start late, finish rich"

I have a few books of my own i've been working on:

"How to become a Trillionaire by Doing Nothing but Reading this Book"
"Free Millions, and my Secret to Finding Them"
"Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight"
"How I Learned to Become Rich by Drinking a Lot and Sleeping In"

Using words like "secret" and "millionaire" in titles is extremely suspicious to me, but as they say you can't judge a book by its cover, though I suspect thats what these authors are counting on.

Getting a Real Estate license is relatively easy. I would just get those materials and take the test, and as Monica suggested, contact someone locally to mentor you. I think you were smart to borrow those books from the library, rather than buy them. Congrats on that! Keep us posted.

Oh, look into forclosure, and short-sale deals in your area, also craigslist is an incredible resource for hidden deals for FSBO homes outside the actual "market".
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