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Default Re: Jurgen "Ventor" Reil

Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
Yeah lol. But Warbinger is really good, Belphegor is a death metal band and dunno bout the other one.

I blew out my speakers listening to Enemy of God. lol.

Haha...yea, I looked up Warbringer on my music service and they really sound old school thrash, which is to say MY CUP 'O tea. It'll be good to check out their gig.

Death metal I take on a 'case by case' basis. I hate some of it, but then I really dig some of it. Obituary is my favorite death metal band, but overall I only listen to DM in small doses.

While I am totally cool with Exodus playing their new stuff, I really would like to hear about 15 specific songs. lol...basically the entire album "Bonded By Blood" (if they want to drop No Love I am ok with it, but the rest should remain)...many choice cuts off their next two albums. They got stale after that, but some of their later stuff has kicked it back up and I like a lot (War is My Shepherd will have to be in there).

Kreator can do whatever, just leave the gothy and industrial stuff from the mid to late 1990s out the mix. Anything from Coma of Souls on back older and anything from Violent Revolution (raging fooking record), Enemy of God and Hordes of Chaos ... been listening to HOC a lot lately to try to get a feel for it. Like it as much as EOG, but not VR. I just am obsessed with Violent Revolution, one bitchin' cd in my eyes.
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