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Default Re: Steeler Nation!

Congrats to the steelers on their great play this season.

However, I was very disappointed in the super bowl. That was some of the absolute worst officiating I have ever seen against both teams. The steelers got away with murder on the offensive line (trust me, rothlesburger is not that good at evading tackles) and there were so many bogus personal foul calls against arizona it made me sick. I'll point out a few. When rothlesburger got hit one step after the ball was thrown, the defender was flagged. The defender has three steps to hit the QB. Next drive, same thing happened to warner, no flag on the play.

The unnecessary roughness call when the arizona defender ran into the holder was bogus too. he was diving to try to block the kick and landed on the holder. He could not have controlled that and there was no way to pull up. Should not have been a penalty.

The officials also went almost two full quarters without flagging the steelers for ANYTHING. and with the bloody murder they got away with (at least a dozen holds and almost as many false starts) you couldnt pay me to believe the steelers didnt commit penalties in the time frame.

I'm a cowboys fan and therefore this year's game didnt mean anything to me, but i really am losing my faith in the NFL and the officiating crews ability to call a game fairly. Guess we will all see what next year brings.
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