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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

My standard road bag contains:
8 pair of Vic Firth American Classic Metal N nylon tip
4 pair of Vater David Silveria DSK Drumsticks Nylon tip
4 pair of Regal Tip Quantum 3000 Nylon tip
1 Evans Torque Key, large T-handle key, Tama key, Pearl key
Assorted cymbal pads, Washers and wing nuts
Extra bass drum beater
Small tube of slick 50 lubricant
3way Electrical adaptor
Roll of Black electricians tape
Black Gaffers Tape
Black and silver sharpies (markers)
Medications, (vicodin, flexaril, Tylenol, nexium, ephedrine) just in case of injury before gig.
pipe, weed and lighter
Small set of allen wrenches (standard and metric)
Leatherman multi-tool
Assorted nuts, bolts and screws
Small bottle loctite (red)
2 spare kevlar bass drum patches
An assortment of tuning lugs and washers
Clean towel
Pack of smokes
Extra $$
Visine (gets the red out)
cymbal polish and buffing rag

Plus another box filled with drum heads, extra cymbals, more tools etc.

Just the basics. Ha Ha

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