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Default Re: Photography Equipment

Originally Posted by SoundFocus View Post
when shooting concerts with available light do you like the 85 1.8? or 100 2.0? i have a canon 135 2.0 which i have not tried at concerts but the bouquet is very nice and the shallow depth of field captures the focal point with crisp, etched sharpness. a 2.8 zoom would offer more photo options for sure even if it is not as fast.
I usually take three lenses with me, 28-105mm f35.-4.5, 85mm f1.8 and a 50mm f1.8, all Canon. I may use all three or just one, it all depends on my location. Available stage light is tricky because as the lights change so does the exposure so there really isn't a fixed exposure setting. I do still manage to get my shots though.

I should mention that one reason I shoot without flash is because I am there as a paying customer, not a working pro with a pass. Plus, I like to shoot a lot and don't want to blind the performers with constant flash. And some performers don't like flash. It's a challenge but I usually get what I'm after, and it's fun!

oh, just as an FYI, the word you're after is BOKEH, not bouquet. :)
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