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Default Re: Photography Equipment

My issue with photography is my attitude to using laptops.

I love using the camera, (which after-all is A computer with a lens) & really try to push it to it's limits. I also like the fact that I can produce my photos from start to finish, but I dislike using /looking at laptop screens. So Photoshop bores me. I'm rarely on a pc or Mac for more that 30 mins unless I really need to.
I'd much rather read a book.

I have a Nikon D 100 SLR with grip.
It's a dinosaur by today's standards but there's enough pixels for me & it's JUST fast enough. The only thing is accessing WB & ISO requires turning a dial as apposed to pushing a button. That slows things down.

But I've grown to like it & if I get a D700 or D3 in the future I'll still keep the D100 as backup.
I wouldn't want to sell it & no-one wants old (5 year) technology anyway.
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