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Default Re: Jurgen "Ventor" Reil

Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
Hail the mighty Kreator. Though I am pushing the big 40...I plan to see them with Exodus at Jaxx in Springfield, Va. in May. No moshing for me anymore, but I want to see if these two bands (two of the best live bands Ive ever seen) can still get it done.

Ventor rules...funny he sang on some of Kreator's really early work before Mille took over full time vox.

My favorite Kreator discs are Terrible Certainty and Extreme Aggression, but Violent Revolution may well be their crowning acheivement. I think that album is just brilliant in every concieveable way. To have an album that good post-2000 is saying something for a band who did so much classic stuff in the 80s.
I'm seeing them too! With Exodus, Warbringer, Belphegor and Epicean
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