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Yes indeed. its like any other hobby. I am on my third or fourth digital after many years of using my Minolta SLR 35mm. I sold that camera to my sister and then when she died about 1.5 years ago I reclaimed it. I had 3 long lenses for it and didn't want them to go to waste so I looked for a camera with the same mount as the Minolta and found out that the Sony Alpha 100 and 200 both have the same mount through an agreement with Sony and Konica Minolta. So I bought the Alpha 100 for 499.00 and I'm now able to use the lenses with it. Nothng better than a digital camera with a 300 mm lens. It needs a tripod or a whole lot of light not to blur but it works great. Like drums and needing more cymbals you will find a "need" for more lenses or filters. So when you aren't shooting the drums, kids, or whatever just go out and look around. For some reason when you have a camera in your hand you start to see more things and all things from a different perspective. I also have a small Casio Exilim that goes wherever I go. Then there is my cell phone. You will take more photos since you don't have to worry about buying film. I took 118 shots one night trying to get a shot of the lighning. I got 18 good ones out of that. Bad shots, delete, and move on. Also make use of the sequence shot system. Hold down the shutter and let it rip. 25 or 30 shots at once of something moving. You are bound to get a couple of good ones. Have fun.
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