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/begin rant

I'm sooooo friggin mad about this tour with chick corea!!!!!!!!!! cause our school's music department is so awesome, the music theory and music technology classes every year get to miss a day of school to go out and see a sick concert! and guess what, this year the concert was to see chick corea and the five piece band at lincoln center in NYC in april. FOR FREE by the use of this awesome fund raiser. But guess what, our wind ensemble/jazz band was planning this trip for like 10 years, and this was the year we're actually doing it (its a 4 day extravaganza, we go to williamsburg, VA and play music and have a grand ole time). BUT THEY MADE THE TRIP THE EXACT SAME WEEKEND WE WERE GONNA SEE THE 5 PIECE BAND. and now i have to miss probably the best concert ever for free no less to go with the other group!


/end rant
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