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Hey, man. You know, wood is just another "color" or flavor, if you will. The wood hoop drum in my DVD is indeed a Pro Mark 50th made by Pete Stanbridge. Pete's drums are astounding and he makes the best wood hoops in the world, in my opinion. Check out his stuff at
The snare from the '96 tour was an Ayotte. Good wood hoops shouldn't splinter and I've never experienced that at all. I used that Ayotte on the entire '96 and '97 tours---same hoops. The sound is really a personal choice and as I said, it's just a different flavor. I will say that the cross stick "rim clicks" on the Stanbridge hoops are hard to beat. Like a clave.


Thanks, man. The Sigs Special Editon....those were great.


Thanks for the support! If anyone out there enjoyed "Methods and Mechanics" your support would certainly be appreciated. Here's the link:


My pleasure. I hope you pick it up and get good stuff out of it!

Off to freeze in Michigan in the morning.....

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