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Default The man that I have become!

I am almost 52 years old now and I just spent some time (the past week) looking through my numerous photo albums and reflecting on my life. I looked at all the pics that depict my life to this point. (Far to many to post and bore all of you) My early years, My wedding, My children, etc. I saw good times and not such good times, But they were my times! All of them! I have been left with a nice, secure feeling of my 50 plus years. I have come to the conclusion that I am extremely happy with the "Middle Aged Man That I Have Become". I like myself better now than I have liked myself at any other time in my life. I feel confident even during these hard times. (I have seen them before and I lived through them) I am beginning to see aspects of what can be called "Wisdom". I never in the past thought that I would ever think of myself as having "Wisdom," But I really do think that I posses this quality that is associated with an older person. It's not so bad being "Old". I have aches and pains, But I am comfortable about ME! That is what really counts, Being comfortable and adjusted with Yourself! Have any of you, "other old farts" had this same good feeling? Does it last?
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