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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd...

Just now I found that "rudiments" pdf on the "Methods"- Dvd, I read about. Very nice! ..Now of course I realize, I misspelled my username---I'll try to fix that....

Here we go: I'm looking forward to getting a new snaredrum one of these days. I own one of these rather cheap looking and nasty sounding tin-type snaredrums. Really nothing came with the kit. Those snaredrums with wood hoops on them caught my attention some time ago and just recently I saw you playing one too (on "M and M", of course ...I believe it's a Pro Mark Anniversary snare---Also on the "Return to Paradise"-tour in 1996, if I'm not mistaken).

How do these types of hoops affect the sound of a drum, according to your opinion and does it make sense to install one on a snare with, let's say a brass corpus for instance (as I assume they are normaly put on wooden drums (?))

Are wooden hoops likely to splinter when you're hitting them on a regular basis, as one would a cast iron one, e.g.? (..gnarly english, I know...) ...

What's your opinion on wooden hoops in general?

Thanks a lot, Todd and servus from Bavaria
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