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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for your kind words. They are appreciated!

In my "Methods and Mechanics" dvd I go through a section on a practice pad that covers various rudiments, hybrid rudiments, compound stickings that have served me well over the years. Then there's a section with those expamples orchestrated on the kit. It shows musical applications with various different orchestrations and note rates. Then there is a double bass/hand/foot section that does the same. These to me are the building blocks to express different ideas on the drum set. There are PDF files of the hand stuff only---but that covers a lot. I hope it illustrates how these work in tandem with the feet and how to apply these to the kit in a musical way.

I live in Austin, but I really don't teach anymore. There are a few guys I've had over but it's been almost two years. If the band ever takes any serious time off, I'll have something on my website about lessons. Thanks for your interest!

You can order the dvd and have it sent directly to your mailbox here:

I hope you check it out and that it spurs creativity in your playing and thinking.

Thanks again!
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