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Originally Posted by SteelersFreak1 View Post
Phil is much like Ringo Starr or Charlie Watts in that he plays exactly what his band needs for them to sound good, nothing more, nothing less.
same opinion here.No matter who the drummer for AC/DC is, they all plays the same, time keeping....very easy to play along for me. I just dont understand when people say his strokes are "deep' in the pocket. I think that drum sound is because of the drum technician's extremely delicate effort of tuning and the sound engineers work.

The difference between Chris Slade and Phil Rudd is Chris shows some face expressions while keeping time, Phil doesnt.

If Phil ever plays on my starter kit with those starter Planet Z "Klanky" cymbals, he would be playing like a pro but the sound would be so bad!!

I am a fan of Time keeping drummers.
"Trying Keith Moon approach with Charley Watts's modest mind set "
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