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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

What I love about Gadd is the unbelievable musicality. It seems as though every note he plays is perfect for the tune. He can drive a band unlike anybody I've heard. He's the hippest drummer, in my opinion. He's hip to everything. He plays every style like it's his favorite. AND he has insane time and unbelievable chops. Chops are second to time in my opinion - the guy's a human metronome. He even tunes his drums better than everyone else, I think. He's found a niche in his sound that seems to fit everything while remaining unmistakably Steve Gadd. I could pick him out anywhere - I made All-State Jazz Band this year and we got CDs with recordings of the charts and, wouldn't you know, one of them was Basically Blues from the Burning for Buddy volume 2 session with none other than Gadd almighty.
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