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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Then vs now...

Then... Synchronicity tour:
Stewart and the guys played IMO, just what needed to be played. It was pretty straight forward and they grooved where they needed. I did not like the remake of "Don't stand so close to me" as much as the original version. To me, it lost impact. One of the highlights was "One world (not three)" and the jam they did.

Now: latest tour:
The dvd performance and extra features indicate to me they were vying for more personal space on each tune. It seems like extra things were stuck in the drum parts where they weren't needed. Sting, of course had to over-stylize the vocals to what was perfect the first time around. While I like this dvd, I prefer the original performances, without the added gloss. At some points, Sting was almost a lilting, Vegas lounge-lizard version of earlier efforts.
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