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Default Re: Being Friends With Your Drum Teacher

Originally Posted by Der Februar View Post
It's not weird or anything but other people will think it is. Watch Juno.
As long as he and I don't hang out in each others' houses late at night, it won't be a problem. Unlike Juno, I have standards when it comes to getting intimate with men. Not until marriage. I just like him as a friend/mentor.

Originally Posted by darkstar442 View Post
its not weird im friends with mine. i have been taking for like 3-4 years from him. hes lik a bro to me
Thanks! Come Monday, I think I'll express my appreciation for him, and I'll see where he want to go from there. If he wants to keep our relationship as teacher-student, I guess I'll just have to live with it. If he wants to pursue a deeper relationship, I'll be happy.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
There's no age limit on friends. Older persons enjoy being looked up to and guiding younger people and the younger people benefit from having someone with more life experience to act as a sounding board. It's a win win, but you have to avoid the whole male/female pitfall. I think it's great as long as lines aren't crossed.
In some ways I do look up to him. He's really the only one who has 100% encouraged me to pursue my dream of being a professional musician. Other people have encouraged me, but they say things like "You'd better not quit your day job." or "Wait until after college so you have something to fall back on." I sometimes call him my "music dad" because my real dad doesn't quite understand my passion.

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
i think my drum teacher did a good job of pretending to be your friend.
As far as I know, he does genuinely like me. He told my mom (who told me) that he loves teaching me because of my passion and ability. I can tell he hates it when time runs out in our lesson. I certainly hope he isn't pretending. I like genuine, honest people.
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