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Spoiler Alert!!! Spoiler Alert!!!
Was that good? : )

Ok, so I guess you saw when he was arrested. Well this is going to make the movie sound really boring. Oh, and I have to warn you that I am awful at telling stories, summing up movies, and re-telling jokes...

So, the djembe guy is in an immagration detention center, and the old guy visits him frequently, and they end up tapping out beats on the table with the glass thing in between them. Then the drummers mom shows up at the apt, but she can't go visit her son because she is illegal too. So the old guy is kinda the go between. Along the way the old guy figures out that he has just been going through the motions in life, and decides he needs a change. Oh yeah, the mom, and the old guy end up hanging out with the drummers girlfriend (because the mom and gf had never met before). I told you I was really bad at this... So anyways, the old guy keeps practicing his skills, and the mom and him all the while grow closer. They even go out on a date.. I know, bet you didn't see that coming! Then the next moring the old guy gets a call from the djembe guy saying that they are moving him... so they rush down to the detention center to find that he has already been deported. Blah, Blah, they are sad... the mom decides that she has to go back to be with her son... The closing seen.. the old guy is playing his djembe in the subway station... the end
So... I know everyone is dying to go rent it now!!
Its " A heartfelt human drama that sneaks up and floors you. Oscar, take note."
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