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Default Re: New windows apparently.

Originally Posted by ZildjianMan1023 View Post
haha, its around 2 gigs, but for those of you who have bandwidth caps. id suggest being catious if you have other traffic comming in such as movies or XBL or whatever.

aside from that you are right.

there really isnt any stable development for the 64 bit platform. i think amd is having an easier time throwing out 64 bit processors than intel. so that might be part of the problem.

if intel cant have a stable 64 bit processor out, which im sure by now they must?

theyll tell windows to keep developing 32 bit versions of windows. and then developers see these markets where its like 90% of the customers are useing 32 bit and 10% are using 64... they say at board mettings "if we want profits well market all on 32.."

but its completley idiotic to me why they dont offer both.
Yeah well that's right. AMD make very good x64 processors. The core 2 quad processors are all 64 bit but the celeron, centrino and core 2 duo processors are still the old x86 platform and as we know most home computers run these cheaper processors. Plus the fact that they wanted to make it backwards compatible with older computers. Having said that, even though most computers don't support it, the fact is that the computers that DO support 64 bit are a lot more likely to be used by the people who buy professional software such as sequencing software. If intel would just make a decent x64 processor as you said, then i reckon companies would start to see that there is money to be made in software that can run faster than their competitors because it's designed to work with 64 bit computers.
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