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Default Re: Being Friends With Your Drum Teacher

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Not odd at all.

I remained friends with several different teachers over the years. Some I still see from time to time.
Thanks! It really is great to know I'm not weird.

Originally Posted by ExPLiciT View Post
im friends with my teacher. though there is only a 10 year difference in age. he always invites me to his shows. i saw him play at warped tour and we hung out for like half the day and went to see other bands together. adn he helped me out of a couple of bad times i had. and he is always lenient about paying him, if i dont have it hell let me pay him next week. a number of times he just gave me free lessons cause i was having some money trouble. he also gives me all kinds of advice outside of music too.

it is always easier to play in front of a friend then it is a teacher, IMO. which might make it easier for you.
He sounds like an awesome teacher!

I agree that playing in front of friends is easier than playing in front of a teacher.

Originally Posted by drummer girl09 View Post
Sounds like an awesome drum teacher! Mine gave me a shirt for free...but not lessons, ha! But it is good to have a great drummer/musicians as your friend, and teacher for any questions you have.

That is true about it easier to play in front of a friend than a teacher. Never thought of that. It's more fun too. What is IMO?
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