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Default Re: Being Friends With Your Drum Teacher

Originally Posted by LM201 View Post
I'm friends with my first drum teacher. I had him for two years, then our family started on hard times. I hung out with him like twice a week or so, and he'd still give me help if I asked for it, he's awesome. I live in Tennessee now and when I visited California in October, he let me stay with his family. I'm 15 and this guy is like a second father.

My band's piano player is a student of Reese Wynans (Organ player for ex-Stevie Ray Vaughn), he helped us with getting our band some gigs and I hang out with him every once in a while
Thanks! That's kind of how I see my drum teacher. He's like a second father too.

Cool story about your band's piano player. I'd love to take a lesson from Mike Portnoy or someone like that.
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