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Default Re: New windows apparently.

I used Windows Vista for about two months. I liked the concept of it but I also was disappointed with the performance. I was using it on a new Dell so I had a friend completely strip the computer and load Vista without all the Dell crap. Long story short, I'm now using XP Pro on my PC again. I bought my first Mac shortly after that and I have only booted up my PC perhaps 6 or 7 times in about a year! I only use the PC to run some job related software that will not run on the Mac. I have grown to like my Mac so much that I gasp when I have to use a PC. I do advanced things with my Mac that I never thought that I would do on a computer. I'm not that great with computers and I found that the Mac didn't confuse and discourage me. I don't understand why a company with the talent that MS has can't make a system that works as well as OSX? A system that average low tech person like me can simply use and have fun with without worrying about lock ups, crashes, etc. The other main thing that I like about my Mac is the service that I can obtain from the local Apple Store.
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