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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Originally Posted by supermac View Post
Hi Todd,

Two questions please:

2. What's your opinion on buying an electronic kit, purely for practice purposes. It's virtually impossible for me to use the kit at home. Neighbours! And a pracice pad is too limited.

If I may chime in here, I bought a Roland electronic kit with Hart Pro mesh bass & snare for just the reason you described. Sure, it's a little bit different animal than my standard sets, but it does allow me to practice, and practice far more than I could on my acoustic set without irritating my wife & frazzling our dogs. More practice as opposed to no practice has to be a good thing, yes? I'm glad I bought it, I wish I had sooner. Coolest thing is I can pump my I-pod into it & mix it into the headphones & play right along to songs I'm trying to learn.
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