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Default Re: Thomas Lang DVD

The big "3" over the nine notes of beat fourindicate that it is to be played as a triplet. This triplet is then further subdivided into one triplet for each of the three notes in beat four.

He's doing 8 notes per beat for the first three beats then nine notes on the fourth beat (this turns the hands around so that it starts next time on the left)

Try counting this as a preliminary step: 1e+a 2e+a 3e+a 4TL (3 beats of 16ths and one beat of eigth note triplet). Play with a click. You will have to slow down to play the three in time

Next step would be to double the speed of the 16ths so they become 32nd's (beats 1-3)

Final step would be to subdivide the eigth note triplet (beat 4)into 123 T23 L23 You're tripling the triplets!! 1 T L

It may sound hard but the thing to remember is that the feel switches from a 2 feel to a 3 feel and back

Go back and listen to him doing it over and over. I believe there are also files on the discs which can play the exercises slowly for you as well.

Good luck
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