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2 people have already done a review on creative control but ill do a quick one aswell. I just got this DVD and its great. Also this is my first drum DVD so my rating may differ from players.

NAME: Thomas Lang: Creative Control

STAR RATING: I give it #### - #####

WORDED RATING: Very well done, interesting topics, strick said that there r alot of thing that rnt any use to 90% of all drummers. I think not. But the DVD does definently lean towards dbl pedal stuff, i have just done some of the exercises on my hihat instead. I can feel my left foot being alot stronger, faster and more comfortable, like i can just use it at more places while playing now. But it is still very iseful to players that dont use dbl pedal, for sure. I think that players that use single pedals will like it and will get alot out of it, but for youse dbl pedal players, woa ud better get this, i see this as a great DVD for those using a dbl kick.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Sticktrick said that it was mainly for advanced players. No its not. But hes damb rite bout the solos. Everyone already knows how good he is...but then for the people that dont they will find out on this DVD. But im not an advanced player, ive been playing for 3 years, so im intermeidate, but i still got alot our of it. I think begginer to advanced really. Because the first disc is good for people who have even just started. He demonstrates some, wait, LOTS of exercises to do to improve hand feet co-ordintaion, which is very important. Most of the first disc is just one singles and doubless, for Gods sake! Thats tons to practise!

Published by: Hudson Music

Ive pretty much already described it so ill just say that there is a really good chapter on sticktricks and showmanship, which like stricktrick said is really great. He breaks them down so you can learn them. But wats great in this chapter i think is that when he demonstrates a trick he tells and shows where some good times to use it. Like theres som tricks he shows that he say mainly use on the hihat and he plays you a demo of how to 'FIT IT INTO YOUR PLAYING". Which is great! Cause its all great to be able to do these tricks but if you cant fit them into playing then wats the point!? I hav trouble fitting stick tricks into my playing. I have no idea when to do them, so i dont do them, also i cant do stick tricks. Although i can sort of do the Blackwell twirl good, thanks 4 that NJ.

But with the songs i quite like the songs, i must admit tho sum i didnt like and also i thought that he would play different styles. But i do like that first song 'Dog'. Great drumming in that, altho the lyrics r little kids singing (only in the chorus tho.) But another great feature is that littlew icon that cums up, u just press play or enter on ur remote and it goes to a sort of side clip for xtra info on wat hes talking bout.

I thinks its a gr8 DVD.
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